Smart Growth

Smart Growth …goes beyond green building materials.  It’s thoughtful design of an entire community.  It’s creating a neighborhood that allows residents to walk to the coffee shop or grocery store.  It’s managing lot sizes to allow for shared open, natural spaces like parks and trails.

At Josephine Crossing, we take “smart growth” to heart.  Neighborhood plans include a town center for multi-use buildings, and pocket parks allow kids – of all ages – to run and play and breathe fresh air.  And we prefer “sprawling-out-on-the-grass” over “suburban sprawl.”  That’s why we’ve designed a neighborhood that includes open, natural spaces like parks and trails for walking and biking.  More manageable lot sizes leave room for Sunday afternoon soccer matches and after school bike brigades, so everyone in the family can “go play.”  Our homes vary in size and cost inviting a diverse group of neighbors, from growing families in need of more space to the retired couple who’s ready to downsize to something low-maintenance.

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